ItFood involves respect for food and those who produce it, for the soil and environment where it originates and develops to become excellent delights, and for the stories that make food products different as well as traditionally special.

It is a journey through fascinating foodscapes rich in culture, traditions and flavors, an itinerary with several stops, each inviting and deserving of an attentive visit.

ItFood means respecting the valuable Italian wine and food heritage, made up of the experiences of men and women rooted in their environment and landscape, and carefully devoted to food tradition that becomes culture and love for a healthy life.

In fact, ItFood hosts a selection of Italian excellent wines and food, each with their own characteristics and uniqueness. Within this area, you will find a list of selected products, their ingredients and the manufacturing process that produce their unique taste.

Each selected product contains the passion of the manufacturer love for excellent wines and food produces high quality standards as well as careful packaging respectful of nature and traditions.